Shepherd's Pie Special Pie With Meat

To make shepherd's pie is very easy, fairly sauteed beef with added spices such as rosemary and thyme. The original recipe uses fresh rosemary and thyme, but if no one you can use dry versions that are sold in supermarkets. Rosemary has a fresh aroma similar to the mint with a gentle fragrance. For vegetables that are used you can use carrots, mushrooms, or peas. One ingredient that I do not use here is apple juice, instead I use my fresh apple shaved rough, the results are more yummy. Overall this dish is very tasty, delicious and able to satisfy your tongue.

Shepherd's pie or also commonly referred to as cottage pie itself is a very popular dish in the UK and Ireland. Name of cottage pie (cottage: shack / hut) was introduced in 1791, when the potato crop for the first time introduced as food for the poor. In cookery books previously explained that this dish was originally made of leftover grilled meat pie inserted into the container and then covered with mashed potatoes or potato pieces on its surface. The term shepherd's pie (shepherd: a shepherd) itself does not appear until 1877, and since then the term has the same meaning as cottage pie.

Fish 'N' Chips Crunchy But Full Of Omega 3 And Nutritions

Fish 'n' chips is a name of Western food that consists of a compilation of fame between fillet fish and chips. The people of the UK and Ireland have called 'chippies' or' chipper, and a cheap lunch menu among workers since the first. Potatoes in the form of french fries into a popular broadcaster since this dish into the United States.The fish are usually used type of fleshy plump, juicy, and white, like cod or fish dory. Wrap the flour into the ultimate delicacy of the fish, which must be crisp and have the right dose too salty. The points are usually bagged true enthusiasts of fish and chips at 'assessing' a plate of fish n 'chips they currently eat.

If you looking for delicacyness Fish n 'chips is one of them. You can choose dory fish fillet or cod as his. His dory fish imported from Vietnam because farmed technology river water flowing so that the smell of the soil does not settle in the body dory. Pembekuannya technique is also ideal so that the freshness of the fish feels. Dory texture is soft and juicy contrast with crispy flour bandage.

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